Restaurant Workers Told Not To Report Injury

BY: Koszdin | Saturday, April 27, 2019.

Getting injured on the job is a nuisance for everyone. For the person who is hurt, it is nuisance because now you have to take time off of work to deal with the injury. Your injury may require one or several doctor’s visits. Your injury may require a week or months of recovery time. You may have to take off work. The injury is a nuisance for the employer because now they need someone to take over the injured employee’s job. Even though a work injury is never ideal or convenient does not mean that your employer isn’t responsible for getting you the care that you need. Our Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorneys at Koszdin, Fields & Sherry have represented clients who are not treated fairly by their employer. We are certified professionals with the desire to help workers get back to work. We are here to make sure that if you or someone you love was injured on the job that they get the benefits they deserve.

Not All Jobs DO What Is Right

Jorge Velazquez is a physician’s assistant at a small medical practice in Eastern Los Angeles. At the small office, Velaquez says he can spot the low wage workers with injuries from their jobs as cooks or dishwashers in the restaurant business. From burns to lacerations, Velaquez treats these low wage workers because their employer sent them there. These people are getting treated for the minimum amount of money as possible. These injured people avoid big hospitals because they can’t afford the fees. Some even resort to back house doctors who will visit them at late night hours. These doctors or medical staff do not always treat these work injuries in the best way.

So why are these injured people going to small medical treatments? Why are they scared to report an injury with their employer? The reason is employers do not want to pay for the worker’s compensation insurance or deal with an increase in insurance premiums. California mandates businesses to have worker’s compensation insurance, but an overwhelming amount of businesses ranging from mom and pop stores to chain restaurants do not have the proper coverage to keep their employees safe.

Low wage restaurant workers deal with many stressors at work. From understaffed kitchens to not receiving proper training, people working back of the house are in the hot seat of injury. From a 2011 survey of restaurant workers, 40% of employees lacked training for their job, 42% experienced cuts, 43% experienced burns, and 58% worked while they were sick.

What To Do

If you were told by your manager or business owner to not report your injury then it is against the law. Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorneys at Koszdin, Fields & Sherry are here to protect your rights and get you the medical care you need. If you or someone you love is suffering then you need to seek legal assistance immediately. Call 818-812-5639 or click here to schedule a free consultation with our Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorneys today.

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