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The term “workers’ compensation” refers to a system of laws under the Labor Code of California outlining specific benefits to which injured employees are entitled and the procedures for obtaining such benefits.

California’s workers’ compensation system is considered a “no-fault” system. This means that an employee injured at work should be entitled to compensation, regardless of who caused the injury. There are very few exceptions to this no-fault system.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available for workplace physical injuries as well as internal illnesses that occur on the job or while a person is performing their work-related duties. Sometimes, these injuries are considered acute and immediately apparent. However, work injuries and illnesses may also develop over longer periods of time, sometimes months or even years. All work injuries are supposed to be covered by the workers’ compensation system in California.

In California, every business must have some form of workers’ compensation insurance to cover injured employees. If your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, you are still entitled to workers’ compensation benefits provided by the state of California. You may also be able to bring a civil suit against your employer.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is similar to filing an insurance claim; it isn’t a lawsuit against an employer, but rather a request for benefits.

Because every employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, filing a claim will generally not mean that your employer faces any out-of-pocket costs. Work injuries are going to occur, which is why state law requires that employers carry this type of insurance.

The workers’ compensation laws within the Labor Code of California are extremely complex. No two cases are the same. If you have been injured at work, attorneys experienced in workers’ compensation law can explain the complexities of workers’ compensation and help you secure the maximum benefits you are entitled to. It is the best way to ensure your rights will be protected.

A Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer will also be incredibly beneficial if your claim is delayed or denied by the employer or the insurance carrier. The appeals process can be very complex, but an attorney will help you navigate through it so you can receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Contact the experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorneys at Koszdin, Fields, and Sherry to determine whether you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

If you or somebody you care about has been injured on the job in Los Angeles, you should be entitled to various types of benefits period, including the following:

  • Medical care: This will include all medical treatment necessary for you to reach the point of maximum medical recovery. This can include hospital and doctor visits, prescription medications, medical devices, physical therapy and rehabilitation, etc.
  • Temporary disability: This is designed to pay for any loss of wages for the time you cannot work due to your injury.
  • Permanent disability: These benefits are designed to compensate for permanent loss of function or disability.
  • Job displacement benefits: These benefits are designed to help pay for job retraining if your injury forces you to seek another line of employment.
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