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Work Injuries Caused By Cumulative Trauma

Sometimes injuries cannot be traced to specific workplace accidents. Rather, injuries develop over time from repeated motions, working in unnatural positions or other cumulative stress on one part of the body. Because repetitive motion injuries may require lengthy recuperation, surgical repair or special accommodations, such claims are often challenged by employers and insurance companies.

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Were You Injured By Repetitive Stress?

Repetitive motion injuries, also known as overuse injuries or cumulative trauma injuries, can be very disabling. Without proper medical treatment and reasonable allowances by the employer, the injury can lead to permanent nerve damage, chronic pain, lost range of motion or disfigurement. Sometimes repetitive motion injuries lead to an overuse injury in the other limb from overcompensating, or other compensable consequences such as sleep disorders or complications of surgery.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the medical and legal aspects of repetitive motion injuries, including:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrists and hands
  • Shoulder injuries (rotator cuff, torn labrum)
  • Tendinitis of the elbow or knee
  • Lower back strains from repeated lifting, bending or hunching
  • Vibration injuries in the hands and fingers

Our lawyers are skilled at establishing the causal connection between the physical symptoms and the working conditions and job duties that led to the injury. We will vigorously advocate for clients to ensure they are granted necessary medical treatment (including surgery or physical therapy), full disability benefits (including any permanent disability) and reasonable employment accommodations such as light duty or ergonomic equipment upon returning to work.

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