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On behalf of Koszdin, Fields & Sherry posted in Workers Compensation on Wednesday, March 01, 2017.

Most companies and their insurance carriers often reject or minimize the extent to which they compensate employees when unforeseen eventualities occur. Sometimes, they make fraudulent statements aimed at denying the employees their workers’ compensation benefits. A resident of Los Angeles who feels disgruntled with the treatment from their employer or the company’s insurance carrier after an accident happens at the workplace can hire an experienced attorney to protect his or her interests. California hosts some of the best law firms in the United States.

Workers’ compensation lawyers normally have a better understanding of the value attached to your claim. They are well-versed with negotiation tactics played by insurance carriers like offering you ridiculous offers. You always have the upper hand when you involve an attorney rather than negotiating on your own. Bear in mind that insurance companies train their workers on tricks that mislead you to accepting a raw deal. Your attorney can help in the structuring of a settlement agreement. If you receive social security benefits, and then you file for workers’ compensation benefits, one of the two can be significantly cut down in the workers’ compensation offset plan. A skilled attorney can limit the extent to which the offset affects your benefits.

A qualified workers’ compensation attorney is always in a better position to evaluate the weight of your claim. He knows how to estimate the impact which the following factors have on your case:

  • Degree of your injuries
  • Functional limitations resulting from the injuries
  • Rating of your disability
  • If you sustained permanent or temporary disability
  • Whether you have a partial or total disability
  • Your wages at the time of the workplace accident
  • The cost of your past and projected medical treatment

If you cannot agree with your employer or insurance carrier, your case proceeds to a trial before a workers’ compensation court. Insufficient medical evidence is the leading cause of denial of compensation claims. Your attorney collects medical records, arranges treatment with renowned doctors, gathers medical opinions, and organizes depositions from physicians. Such an in-depth collection of evidence goes a long way in rating your case appropriately and securing a fair ruling. Additionally, your attorney can advise you to file for third party claims if your injury resulted from operating faulty equipment.

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