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    Skilled Van Nuys Workers Compensation Attorney

    A workplace accident or work-related injury causes pain and hardships in your life, especially if it prevents you from returning to your job. The stress and financial strain are compounded if your workers compensation benefits are delayed or denied.

    At Koszdin, Fields & Sherry, we have successfully represented thousands of injured workers and stand ready to help you too. From our office in Van Nuys, we serve clients throughout the Greater Los Angeles area and across Southern California.

    Give us a call today to discuss your specific situation in a no-cost consultation.

    You need to file your Van Nuys workers’ compensation claim today

    You need to report your California work injury as soon as possible. In general, California workers have 30 days to report their on-the-job injury or illness to their employer. Failing to report their injury or illness within this 30-day timeline could result in the injury victim is unable to recover workers compensation benefits in California.

    Additionally, employees need to be aware of the workers compensation claim statute of limitations in California. If you fail to file a workers compensation claim within one year of becoming aware of your injury or illness, you may lose your right to file an injury claim and miss the opportunity to secure compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages.

    What type of compensation are injured workers entitled to?

    There are various types of benefits available to employees who sustain a work-related injury or illness. At Koszdin, Fields & Sherry, our Van Nuys worker compensation attorneys have extensive experience helping entered clients recover the following:

    • Compensation for medical and hospital bills: There are very few limitations as to the amount of medical care and time that an employer must cover, so long as the treatments are reasonably related to the injury or illness caused by the workplace. This can include medical bills, surgeries, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation, as well as medical devices, orthotic devices, or prosthetics.
    • Temporary disability benefits and lost wages: If the injury or illness only causes a temporary disability, California law may allow for temporary total disability (TTD) or temporary partial disability (TPD). Temporary disability benefits are meant to help cover wages that are lost during the time when the employee cannot return to work. These benefits are available to those who are either disabled for more than three days or in the hospital overnight and provided that the employer is not able to offer alternative work for the employee that pays them at the same wages. If an employee is unable to work at all for a specific period of time after their injury, their TTD payments will typically be equal to approximately two-thirds of their average weekly wages.
    • Permanent disability benefits: If an injury or illness is so severe that an employee cannot make a complete recovery, or if the injury causes a permanent loss of mental or physical faculties, the worker may be eligible for permanent disability benefits in California. The total amount of permanent disability received will depend on the nature and circumstances of the injury, the extent of the impairment, as well as the age, occupation, and wage of the worker prior to the injury or illness.
    Our Focus Is To Build Relationships With Our Clients By Being Responsive And Putting Their Interests First

    All of the firm’s partners are certified specialists* in workers’ compensation law. This designation is based on rigorous standards for legal knowledge, ongoing education, courtroom experience and peer evaluation.

    Our legal team of worker compensation attorney has handled virtually every type of workplace injury and illness, including physical injuries, repetitive motion injuries, heart conditions, stress-related disability and claims for compensable consequences (side effects of the original work injury).

    Our mission is to provide compassionate support and strong legal representation to people injured on the job. We are committed to the rights of injured workers and vigorously protecting those rights by standing up to employers and insurance companies.

    Our law firm also handles claims for Social Security Disability, for both work-related and non-work related injuries.

    *Certified by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as specialists in workers’ compensation law

    Our workers compensation attorneys are recognized and respected in the workers’ compensation legal community as leaders in this field. We provide aggressive legal advocacy if you encounter any problem with your claim for workers’ comp benefits, including:

    • – Denial of surgery or medical treatment
    • – Denial of disability benefits
    • – Low rating for permanent disability
    • – Premature termination of benefits

    We can intervene if your claim has been denied, but we encourage you to contact us right away after a work injury to ensure you get full benefits in a timely fashion.

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