What Is a Van Nuys Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit?

BY: Koszdin | Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

Businesses in Van Nuys and other California cities and towns must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This ensures Golden State companies can provide workers who are injured on the job with temporary disability payments and other benefits.

Workers’ compensation coverage does not ensure an employee injured at work in California will receive compensation from their employer. There can be times when an injured worker must pursue a legal claim to get this compensation.

Kosdin, Fields & Sherry have attorneys on hand who understand the challenges associated with workers’ compensation claims. Our Van Nuys workers’ compensation attorneys can help you get damages from an employer responsible for your work injuries.

What Happens If an Employee Gets Hurt on the Job in California?

California businesses must do their part to keep their workers safe at all times. However, even Golden State companies that prioritize employee safety cannot prevent all on-the-job injuries.

If a worker gets hurt on the job in California, their employer must give the worker a workers’ compensation form. The employer must do so in one working day after the work-related injury is reported. From here, an employee can submit their workers’ compensation claim.

Some employees are not given an opportunity to report an on-the-job injury to their employer. Or, workers may be encouraged to hide their injury or work through it. In any of these situations, continuing to work puts injured employees in danger. It also increases the risk of on-the-job accidents and injuries across the workplace.

When it comes to an on-the-job injury in California, report it to an employer immediately. If the employer does not respond accordingly, an injured worker can partner with a workers’ compensation attorney. At this point, the attorney can help the worker pursue financial compensation from their employer.

How Much Time Does an Employee Get to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

In California, an injured employee has up to 30 days to submit a workers’ compensation claim form to their employer. This means an injured worker has 30 days from the date of their injury to file their claim.

Additionally, a California worker can file a workers’ compensation lawsuit up to one year after the date of their injury. If a worker does not receive sufficient workers’ compensation from their employer, this individual has 12 months to file a lawsuit.

For those who pursue a workers’ compensation lawsuit in Van Nuys, it pays to partner with an experienced attorney. A Van Nuys workers’ compensation lawyer can review a client’s claim. The attorney can help their client collect evidence to support this claim. Plus, the attorney can submit the claim and ensure their client can pursue the maximum compensation amount.

Do not expect a workers’ compensation claim in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Lancaster, or any other California city or town to get settled right away. Rather, a workers’ compensation claim can take many months or years to resolve. A top-notch workers’ compensation attorney will work diligently to ensure this claim is settled as soon as possible.

Get Help with a Workers’ Compensation Claim

The attorneys at Kosdin, Fields & Sherry take the guesswork out of workers’ compensation claims. Our lawyers are available to discuss your workers’ compensation claim at your convenience. To learn more or request a free consultation, contact us online or call us at 818-812-5639.

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