High Costs Of Mental Health Issues At Work

BY: Koszdin | Saturday, April 13, 2019.

Every day someone is crying in their car waiting for the ability to collect their thoughts before they head back to work. American work ethic is very robotic. You are expected to head to work at the same time, complete the same tasks, head home, and repeat. Albeit some jobs have more flexibility than others, this kind of monotony can drive a person mad. Couple that with a work environment that does provide healthy constructive criticism can feel even more suffocating. It can cause mental illness and mental fatigue. Employers can do a better job of investigating the mental health of their employees in order to create a more productive space.

Our Van Nuys Work Stress Mental Health Claims Attorneys at Koszdin, Fields & Sherry know about the special circumstances of mental health issues in the workplace. Since 1955 our firm has seen the rules and regulations surrounding mental health in the workplace evolve from nothing into a complex system attempting to help the employees; however, the state still hasn’t gotten it right just yet.

The Cost Of Mental Health

You can wear the fanciest clothes and commit to the same routine every day and still struggle with anxiety and depression. These mental illnesses do not show up physically, at first. Companies and employers are spending more and more on mental health every year. The annual cost of mental health is increasing twice as fast as any other medical issue at work. Having unchecked mental illnesses can lead to expensive treatments. For example, someone who is struggling with depression goes to the emergency room six times more than the average person and they submit two to four times more medical claims which equate to $14, 967. The average healthy person submits the aver medical claim of $5, 929.

There is no denying that mental health is rising in conversation. People realize that struggling with mental issues like anxiety and depression are very common. You are not alone if you are dealing with these issues. What isn’t common, however, are the resources to get you the help you deserve. Those in the field of mental health are overwhelmed with clients. There aren’t enough skilled workers in mental health to keep up with the demand of people in need.

What To Do

First, if you are dealing with mental illness related to stress at work then let us congratulate you on taking the first step toward getting help and getting healthy. However, this isn’t an easy feat. Because it is hard to document and correlate mental health with work stress, some mental health claims are denied or partially approved. With the help of our Van Nuys Work Stress Mental Health Claims Attorneys at Koszdin, Fields & Sherry we can get you the benefits you need to keep you on track to getting healthy. Call 818-812-5639 or click here to schedule a free consultation with our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at Koszdin, Fields & Sherry in Van Nuys today.

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