Difficulty In Proving Degenerative Disc Disease In Worker’s Comp Claims

BY: Koszdin | Friday, March 29, 2019.

If you have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, you may naturally wonder if the work that you perform each day had anything to do with the disease’s development. If you have been injured at work or if you lift heavy objects often in the course of your job duties, then there’s a good chance that if your work didn’t cause your disease, it at least contributed to it or exacerbated it. At Koszdin, Fields & Sherry in Van Nuys, our worker’s compensation attorneys know that while degenerative diseases of the discs and joints are commonly associated with aging, physical stress and work-related injuries can make things worse. And we’re here to help.

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Degenerative disc disease doesn’t just crop up overnight. The process of developing degenerative disc disease involves the degeneration of the soft compressed discs that separate the vertebrae. As the disease progresses, the surrounding nerves become compressed, causing pain, instability and disturbance in the spinal cord or nerve roots. It can negatively impact mobility and make life virtually unbearable. Left unchecked, it can result in other serious conditions like herniated disc, arthritis and spinal stenosis, all of which may require surgical correction and/or physical therapy to regain functionality.

Workplace Injuries Leading to Degenerative Disc Disease

There are some occupations where workers are predisposed to the development of degenerative disc disease. Work that requires heavy lifting, squatting frequently, or even walking long distances may be to blame or at least contribute to the degenerative process. Some of the most common workplace injuries that can lead to the disease include:

  • Overexertion due to continual carrying, pulling, pushing, throwing or lifting on the job
  • Injuries due to falls, including falls from above to a lower level
  • Injuries that result from slipping, tripping, sitting, standing, reaching, climbing and bending
  • Injuries sustained from falling materials, debris or tools
  • Challenges of Claims Involving Degenerative Disc Disease

Because the process of degeneration occurs normally with age, it can cause difficulties when filing a claim for worker’s compensation to show that your disease is a result of your workplace activities. It is oftentimes the decision of worker’s comp that claimants with degenerative disc disease developed it naturally, even when this is not the case. Fortunately, a competent workers compensation attorney can show the relation of the work that you performed to the development of your disease in many instances.

Help For Injured Workers

If you are unable to work due to degeneration of the joints or discs, you likely feel uncertain about your future. At Koszdin, Fields & Sherry in Van Nuys, we have the expertise to present the evidence necessary to help you get the benefits to which you are entitled. Our attorneys have a reputation for their aggressive representation of injured workers. Give one of our Van Nuys workers compensation attorneys a call now at 818-812-5639 to discuss your case details and determine the best way to handle your claim.

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