Blue Collar Work Injuries

BY: Koszdin | Saturday, January 5, 2019.

When non-Californians think about California, they almost always think of Hollywood and Los Angeles. They also make think of the vast wineries throughout the state. And of course, they would because California markets itself as the land of glitz and glam. If you want to make it out as an actress or singer than Los Angeles all the way! If you want to be a reality star or a model then everyone thinks of California. What they don’t think about are the people who make California the place to be. We are talking about the blue collar workers who put in the hours to build our roads, buildings, and infrastructure.

The fastest growing jobs in California are not what you think. They aren’t just web designers or actors. The fastest growing careers are those who work with their hands, on roofs, on top of buildings, and those who are changing the way we use our environment. Wind Turbine Technicians have been rated the highest growth in career. To be a technician you have to know how to fix the inside and outside of a wind turbine. This means you have to learn electrical, programmatic, and structural components of a wind turbine. The typical work environment is outdoors, great heights, and confined spaces. This job alongside ironworkers, masons, stonemasons, and roofers are the top five growing careers. They are all outside work that requires heavy lifting and standing on top of high elevated areas. As you can imagine these kinds of jobs pay because they are also really risky.

Common Work Injuries

The most common work injuries are from when a person slips and falls or something falls onto them. If you work with electricity, like a wind turbine technician, then you are at risk for electrocution. These kinds of injuries can lead to neck, back, and head injuries. Because these jobs are so reliant on your physical body any type of injury can put you and those who depend on you in dire straights. Smaller injuries can include strains or fractures on the back, joints, and limbs. For those who work around chemical dust like construction then you can also suffer from asthma, COPD, or certain dust over time can cause cancer. These physical jobs are very demanding and can lead to long-term illnesses if you are not properly taking care of yourself or if your company isn’t following safety protocols.

What To Do

If you are suffering from an injury on the job do not hesitate to call a Workplace Injury Attorney in Los Angeles. Even though your company boasts at how well you are doing, you may not see them when you really need them to help cover the cost of medical bills or lost wages. Hiring our Workplace Injury Attorney at Koszdin, Fields & Sherry we can assure you that we will work aggressively on your case to get you the compensation that you deserve. Don’t let your employer go silent on you. Call 818-812-5639 or click here to start a conversation with us today.

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