Your Guide To Making A Work-Related Accident Report In California

BY: Koszdin | Friday, August 17, 2018.

Many people in California view a work-related accident report, the report you make to notify your employer about sustaining a workplace injury, like no big deal. They believe that this report serves only one purpose: to let your employer know that you have been injured at work. Nothing more.

But it is much more complicated than that. Your chances of receiving workers’ compensation depend on how well and legally correct your work-related accident is written.

Do not get me wrong. How well your workers’ compensation claim is written is just as important. However, the importance of reporting a workplace injury, which is a prerequisite to a workers’ comp claim, properly and in a timely manner should not be underestimated.

We invited our Lancaster workers compensation attorney from the Koszdin, Fields & Sherry law firm to outline the rules of making a work-related accident report in California.

Do NOT delay making a work-related accident report

We say “in a timely manner,” because it is critical not only what your injury accident report contains, but also when it was filed. Typically, failure to report your workplace injury or illness within 30 days after the work-related accident or after you discovered a medical condition that worsened over time may result in the loss of your right to collect workers’ compensation benefits.

Since employers and their insurance companies are generally not interested in providing payment for your medical treatment and covering other damages and losses caused by your work-related injury or illness, your inability to report an injury or file a workers’ comp claim in a timely manner will only bring a smile to their faces.

How to make a work-related accident report properly?

Okay, so what should your work-related accident report contain? First of all, you should ask your employer if his/her company has its own claim form that needs to be completed in order to request workers’ compensation benefits. If your employer does not have one, you can download this form.

It is critical that you fill out all the sections in that form and double-check so that all the information provided is valid and does not have any mistakes or typos. In the work-related accident report, you are required to provide the following information:

  • Date, time, and location of the accident;
  • How the accident occurred – or how you believe work-related activities caused or aggravated your injury or illness;
  • The nature of the injury, what symptoms you have, how it affects your overall health and ability to perform your job, etc.;
  • Whether any parties were involved;
  • Whether anyone witnessed the accident;
  • Medical treatment, evaluation, or diagnosis, if any, you have undergone since the accident.

What to do after a work-related accident report?

After you have successfully filled out the work-related accident report, give it to your employer. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Lancaster says it is important that you keep a copy of that report.

After your employer has been notified about your workplace injury, keep copies of all the forms you fill out and all the documents you receive (trust me, there will be plenty of those). Also, write notes on how your work-related injury or illness affected your ability to perform your job and daily activities.

Our Lancaster workers’ compensation attorney also says it is important that you keep all pay stubs and checks or receipts for any medicine, drugs, medical devices, diagnosis, treatment, procedures, or appointments related to your injury or illness. You may be reimbursed for all the out-of-pocket expenses after the workplace injury.

Consult with our lawyers from the Koszdin, Fields & Sherry law firm to find out more about making a work-related accident report in California. Call our offices at 818-812-5639 or 800-747-3447 or fill out this contact form to get a free consultation.

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