What You Need to Know About Repetitive Motion Injuries

BY: Koszdin | Saturday, August 11, 2018.

Getting injured on the job can be tragic. Now you’re out of work and have to wait to recover before returning. People often think that workplace injuries are single isolated events. For example, being a roofer and falling off of a roof and being injured as a result. However, this is not always the case. There are many workplace injuries that are a result of repetitive motions. A common example of this would be a typist developing carpal tunnel. There are several different occupations where you may be at risk for repetitive motion injuries including delivering workers, plumbers, stock clerks, and agricultural and meat processing workers. It’s essential to know that you still may receive workers compensations for a repetitive motion injury. It may be harder to prove, but having an experienced Lancaster repetitive motion injury attorney may provide a huge service to you. The most important part is proving that your injury was a direct cause of work-related activities.

How does compensation work?

Most workers with these injuries do receive compensation for their injuries. In repetitive motion injury claims, 75% of those who made claims received settlements. They received an average between $13,600-$22,100 for their injuries. Most people who sought settlement got compensated up to $10,000 for their injuries. You will be entitled to a portion of your average earnings. You should also be able to receive payment of medical treatment and vocational rehabilitation.

Denied Claims

The denial of repetitive motion injury claims is far too common. Of the people who received settlements, almost half had their claims initially denied. Repetitive motion injury can be difficult to prove. It happens slowly over time. It’s not a pinpointed to a single event. It can be difficult to show that the work you do has caused this injury and it was not due to your activities outside the workplace that they have no control over.

Why should you hire an attorney?

As mentioned before, these cases are often denied initially. They also tend to have to longest absences from work, which is essentially very expensive for the insurance companies. Insurance companies aim to pay the least amount they can. An attorney can help by providing the proper medical evidence which will help to win your case. Appeals for these cases can be extremely complex. It requires to you attend hearings, fill out certain forms, and follow procedural rules for gathering and presenting evidence. When you hire an attorney to handle this, it can help ease the total stress and burden. People receive on average double the compensation then they would have received by hiring a professional attorney.

Getting injured on the job can be incredibly frustrating. Your injury has slowly built over time to the point where you’re in pain and can no longer do your job. It’s unfair to you. You deserve someone to fight for you to get the proper compensation. You need someone with experience. The Law Offices of Koszdin, Fields & Sherry have been working on cases like yours since 1955. When looking for a Lancaster workers compensation attorney, we will be a good match in providing you the expertise to help you get through this hard time. We specialize in repetitive motion injury claims. Schedule a free initial consultation using the contact form or by calling us at 818-812-5639 or 800-747-3447. Se habla español.

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