Home Health Care Workers Face Serious Risks

BY: Koszdin | Tuesday, August 8, 2017.

There are many things that home health care workers face that other workers do not. While there isn’t any way that these workers can predict everything that they will encounter when they go out to someone’s home to care for them. It is possible that these workers will face injuries and illnesses due to work.

Even though there are risks that are present, there are ways that caregivers can try to remain a bit safer. Companies that employ these caregivers should make sure that they have the tools to provide high-quality care without sacrificing personal safety.

The conditions of the homes

The clients who need home health care often aren’t able to care for their homes in a way that keeps them pristine. In fact, some of these homes can be downright nasty. This can pose a hazard not only from a health standpoint but also from a safety standpoint.

Home health care workers need to pay close attention to the condition of the home when they go into each one. If there are obvious safety hazards such as objects on the floor and similar hazards, taking steps to remove these is imperative. If the hazards can’t be removed, workers should do their best to avoid them.

In some cases, home health care workers will need to report the conditions of a home. This might be the case when there are obvious health issues in the home, such as black mold.

Working conditions

Home health care workers are at risk of injuries for several reasons. One of these falls when the home has hazards. The risk of becoming ill or contracting a communicable disease is also present. Injuries from having to lift, stretch and move during the course of caring for the patient are also possible.

Home health care workers should always use proper safety measures for all aspects of the job, including patient transfer techniques and lifting methods. Using gloves and body fluid precautions can also help to keep these workers safe.

Another issue that some home health care workers face is the risk of violence while they are working. This is never acceptable, so any incidents that involve a client being combative or violent should be addressed immediately by the home health care company.

When home health care workers are injured, they may need to seek workers compensation benefits. This might be the case if the injury happened in a client’s home, but also if there is an accident while the worker is driving for work. If you fall into these categories, make sure that you learn about your rights.

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