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On behalf of Koszdin, Fields & Sherry posted in Workplace injuries on Thursday, December 15, 2016.

While driving a bus you concentrate on the road, staying alert for pedestrians stepping into the road without looking and reckless or distracted drivers that put you and your passengers at a risk.

You know that driving a bus is dangerous due to its bulkiness and the time it takes you to complete a stop on short notice. What you may not know is that sitting in the driver’s seat for hours on end is slowly killing you.

Studies have shown that when you spend long periods of time in a sedentary state, you are at higher risk of developing heart disease, knee problems, back pain and other serious health problems. Once you start noticing symptoms of illness or repetitive stress injuries, it is not only time to see a doctor, but also to look into your rights as an employee.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to employees that suffer work-related injuries. This includes injuries that are a result of being behind the wheel of a bus for hours at a time.

The effects of being sedentary

A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom that researched the health risks of driving a bus found that bus drivers are usually sitting for over 12 hours per day on workdays, three hours longer than the typical office worker. On days off, bus drivers average nine hours per day of sedentary time. The study went on to find that almost 75 percent of the participants were overweight or obese.

The combination of a sedentary profession and being overweight can put you on the road to developing heart disease.

Due to this research recommendations are being made to put some health interventions in place. For example, the study suggests that bus drivers should increase physical activity during breaks and during time off of work.

In general, when you regularly break up your workday with even short walks you can significantly reduce your chances of heart disease.

Other health risks

Other health issues you may experience include knee and lower back pain. Staying in a seated position and keeping your legs bent can put undue stress on your knees. It can also put pressure on your lower back, causing the discs to become inflamed and even bulge.

Both knee and lower back injuries can cause severe pain and possibly interrupt your work schedule. To avoid chronic joint and bank problems, be sure to take the time to stretch when you take your breaks.

Missing work due to an injury can also cause you to lose out on wages. If your injury is work related, take the necessary steps to ensure you are receiving the benefits you deserve. A local California attorney with experience filing workers’ comp claims can be a valuable ally.

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