What to Expect After a Workplace Injury in Los Angeles

BY: Koszdin | Friday, February 9, 2024.

In bustling cities like Los Angeles, workplace injuries are unfortunate for many employees across various industries. Whether you work in the entertainment sector, technology, healthcare, or manufacturing, the risk of accidents and injuries exists. When such incidents occur, it’s crucial to understand your rights and options, as well as seek legal assistance to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Koszdin, Fields & Sherry, a prominent law firm specializing in workers’ compensation cases, stands ready to guide you through this challenging time.

Understanding the Types of Workplace Injuries

In Los Angeles, workplace injuries can take many forms, including:

Slips, Trips, and Falls: In busy workplaces, such as offices, restaurants, and construction sites, hazards like slippery floors, uneven surfaces, and cluttered walkways can lead to severe injuries.

Repetitive Strain Injuries: Workers who perform repetitive tasks, such as typing, lifting, or operating machinery, may develop debilitating conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis over time.

Falling Objects: In warehouses, construction sites, or manufacturing plants, falling objects pose a significant risk to workers’ safety, potentially causing head injuries, fractures, or other serious harm.

Vehicle Accidents: Employees who drive for work, such as delivery drivers or truck drivers, are exposed to the dangers of Los Angeles’ congested roads and highways, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury

If you’ve sustained a workplace injury in Los Angeles, it’s crucial to take the following steps:

Seek Immediate Medical Attention: Your health and well-being are paramount. Even if your injuries appear minor, it’s essential to seek medical evaluation and treatment promptly to prevent complications and ensure an accurate record of your injuries.

Report the Incident: Notify your employer of the injury as soon as possible. California law mandates that most employers provide workers’ compensation benefits, covering medical expenses and lost wages resulting from workplace injuries. Failure to report the incident promptly could jeopardize your ability to receive these benefits.

Document the Details: Keep thorough records of the incident, including witness statements, photographs of the scene, medical reports, and any correspondence with your employer or insurance company. These documents will be invaluable evidence when pursuing your workers’ compensation claim.

Consult with a Skilled Attorney: A knowledgeable workplace injury lawyer in Los Angeles at Koszdin, Fields & Sherry can provide invaluable guidance and advocacy throughout the claims process. We will ensure that your rights are protected, help you navigate complex legal procedures, and work to secure the maximum compensation available to you.


If you’ve been injured at work in Los Angeles, don’t face the legal complexities alone. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case in detail. Our dedicated attorneys will listen to your story, explain your legal rights and options, and provide the expert guidance you need to navigate the workers’ compensation process successfully.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 323-375-5642. With Koszdin, Fields & Sherry on your side, you can confidently focus on your recovery, knowing that experienced legal professionals are fighting for your rights and advocating for your best interests.

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