Was My Repetitive Motion Injury Caused at Work?

BY: Koszdin | Friday, October 26, 2018.

Repetitive motion injuries one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace. However, there is rarely a single incident that can be pointed to as the cause and it can be hard to determine if your repetitive motion injury was caused at work.

With that being said, you deserve compensation if a repetitive motion injury caused in the workplace is preventing you from doing your job. The following article will address some of the common ways you can prove that your repetitive motion injury was caused while working. However, if you believe you have suffered a repetitive motion injury on the job, you should consider consulting with a Los Angeles repetitive motion attorney to answer your questions on an individual basis.

Jobs Commonly Responsible for Repetitive Motion Injuries

While every repetitive motion injury caused on the job is unique, there are a few jobs that are commonly the cause for such injuries due to their repetitive demands. Jobs include the following:
While some may be under the impression that not much harm can come from sitting in front of a computer, that is not the case. Repetitive motion injuries are caused by doing the same thing repeatedly, and computer work is almost exclusively comprised of such repetition.
Construction Jobs
It is common knowledge that construction jobs are dangerous and demanding. However, the danger of injury does not come from high falls and hazardous workplaces alone. Construction jobs are also a leading cause of repetitive motion injuries since most of the workday is spent performing the same motion hundreds of times.
Retail Jobs
Retail jobs may seem like a relatively safe form of work. However, they produce situations that often lead to repetitive motion injuries. This is especially true for retail workers who work cash registers. Their motions are extremely repetitive and they do not often get breaks from the same set of motions.

Common Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries commonly result in the same types of injuries. Tendonitis is a leading repetitive motion injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome is becoming more and more common as the demand for computer-based work rises. Rotator cuff injuries are common repetitive motion injuries that cause severe pain. Other common repetitive motion injuries include muscle strains and tears, back injuries, and elbow related injuries.

The Next Step

These common injuries and job situations caused by repetitive motion may help you determine whether your injury occurred on the job. However, just because you are confident that your repetitive motion injury was caused at work doesn’t mean you should pursue a claim on your own. Employers will go to great lengths to deny that a repetitive motion injury was sustained on the job, and it can be hard to prove them wrong without experience. You should consider contacting a Los Angeles repetitive motion injury attorney if you suspect yours occurred at work. At The Law Office of Koszdin, Fields & Sherry, we have the experience to stand up to pressure and obtain compensation on your behalf. For a consultation contact us here or give us a call at 818-812-5639.

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