Building a Strong Workers’ Compensation Injury Claim

BY: Koszdin | Friday, October 19, 2018.

Worker’s comp is a valuable type of insurance for injured workers, but make no mistake; when you file a worker’s comp claim, you’re dealing with a for-profit insurance company that has a vested interest in minimizing the payments that you receive. So while it’s hard to think about building evidence to support your claim when you’re recuperating from your injury, it’s something you should be doing from the moment your injury occurs. These companies have people working hard to avoid large payouts to claimants, so you have to work even harder to ensure you get everything due to you. A workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles can help, but you have a role in shoring up your claim too.

Seek Medical Care Immediately

Avoiding telling your employer about your injury is never a good idea; it delays your treatment and delays documentation of your injury. Seek out medical attention for your injury immediately following the injury. Never assume you will feel better later—you may feel worse and you may worsen your injury. The insurance company may also try to use your lack of immediate medical care to attempt to deny your worker’s comp claim or to argue that the injury isn’t as bad as it is since you didn’t need treatment immediately afterward.

Attend All Follow-Up Appointments

Once your injury is documented and treatment has begun, you need to follow up with all medical appointments, whether it’s an MRI, physical therapy, or some other type of appointment. This not only ensures that your injury is properly treated and that you get the best and most thorough care possible, but it also builds medical evidence that strengthens your claim.

File Your Claim in a Timely Manner

Just telling your supervisor about your injury is not enough; you have to file an actual claim with your worker’s comp carrier to begin the process of being made whole again. Your initial claim form is your official notification to the carrier that you are hurt. A Los Angeles workers comp attorney can help you file this important document. There are deadlines that must be observed when filing this type of claim, so don’t push it to the back burner.

Keep Accurate Notes

Maintaining an accurate account of your injuries, the pain caused by them, the treatments you sought, and so forth, can only serve to help support your claim for worker’s comp. It is also good to write down specifics about the specific event that caused your injury, those present when it happened, the conditions at the time, and so forth. Having this information documented ensures that you remember the facts in your case when the need arises.

Let Your Los Angeles Worker’s Compensation Attorney Deal with the Insurance Company

Don’t sign anything or agree to anything when dealing with the insurance company unless you have consulted your attorney. For example, an insurance company may ask you to sign a general release for all your medical records, but your attorney may advise you to only allow the release of work-related records dated from the accident date forward. Your attorney has your best interests at heart; don’t assume the same with the insurance company.

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