Firefighter Injured in Los Angeles County Apartment Building Blaze

BY: Koszdin | Thursday, March 29, 2018.

As career choices go, those brave men and women opting to become firefighters make, perhaps, one of the most hazardous. There’s no denying the bravery and selflessness involved in entering a burning building to rescue others, or in willingly putting yourself in the line of danger all in the name of a day’s work. Of course, when you choose to enter a dangerous profession, it becomes more likely that you will sustain an injury in the line of duty. This risk became a reality for one of the firefighters attending a blaze at a Pico Rivera apartment building on Thursday, February 22.

3 Injured, 300 Displaced as Apartment Block Burns

Firefighters were alerted to the blaze in the 9100 blocks of Pico Rivera’s Burke Street shortly after 3.30 pm on February 22, arriving two minutes later to see smoke and fire spreading throughout the building. As the building has a shared attic space, the blaze could quickly rage through the apartment block, with no barriers in its way. Around 4 pm, firefighters were seen withdrawing from the building, after structural damage made a change in strategy essential. In total, 45 units within the building were affected by heat and smoke, with 141 being damaged by the flames.

Thankfully, there were no casualties in the blaze, although one firefighter and two civilians have been treated for injuries. 300 residents have been displaced by the fire, as their apartments became unsafe, or unsuitable, to live in.

It has been reported that sufficient donations have been received to help those who have been displaced. No information is currently available about the cause of the blaze.

Even “Safe” Jobs Can Cause Workplace Injuries

As mentioned earlier, if you work as a firefighter, chances are you expect to sustain at least a minor injury at some point in your career. Those working in less obviously hazardous roles may not be so aware of the potential dangers present in their workplace, but the truth is that a workplace injury can happen to anyone.

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    • Accidents and physical injuries including falls, lifting injuries, knee injuries, traffic accidents and more
    • Repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems or rotator cuff injuries
  • Heart attack, stroke, COPD, and other cardiac and pulmonary conditions
  • Loss of hearing or vision, chemical exposure, or asbestos disease
  • Stress-related illnesses, including depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders
  • Compensable consequences, which cover the side effects of workplace injuries. For example, botched surgery, painkiller addiction, or additional symptoms

An excellent Los Angeles workplace injuries attorney can successfully handle your case, no matter what industry you work in, or how you have been injured.

Legal Representation from a Los Angeles Workplace Injuries Attorney Could Be Invaluable

Do you know how to successfully navigate a workplace injury lawsuit? Unless you have had extensive legal training, chances are you don’t.

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