Using Proper Self Care At Work Can Help Keep You Functioning

BY: Koszdin | Tuesday, May 23, 2017.

When you are working, you have to be careful about how you move. Certain tasks, such as lifting, come with risks of injury. You might not realize it, but even sitting or standing might lead to injuries if you aren’t following proper techniques.

No matter what type of job you do, you can benefit from using these tips.

Proper sitting techniques

When you sit, you should have your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. This might mean that you need to use an adjustable chair or a footstool so that you can do this. It is often tempting to lean over when you are sitting at a computer or trying to read the paperwork. Slouching or leaning over can cause problems with your back. You might start to experience back or neck pain as a result of not using proper techniques when you sit.

Proper lifting techniques

Don’t bend over and lift with your back. Instead, you should stoop down and lift heavy items with your legs. This takes some of the stress off of your back and can help you to avoid pulling a muscle in your back. If you are lifting something very heavy, you may need to seek help from another person or use equipment made to help lift items.

Proper standing techniques

The rule for standing is almost the same as for sitting, but there are a few small differences. One is that you can stand with one leg bent to take some pressure off of it. You would use a small footstool do this. Another difference is that you can shift your weight from one foot to the other if you can’t use a stool for your foot. Ideally, you should have an anti-fatigue mat to stand on because this helps to take the stress off your knees and lower back.

Proper use of limbs for repetitive motion

When you have to do the same movements over, such as a cashier who has to scan items, you should make sure that you are placing as little stress on your joints as possible. In some cases, you may need to use a brace to keep your joints stable. Carpal tunnel syndrome and other cumulative trauma injuries are sometimes preventable if you have the proper tools and techniques.

Any worker who suffers an injury at work should explore the possibility of workers compensation. This is possible when an accident causes an injury. It is also possible when a person suffers cumulative trauma due to work conditions and duties.

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