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It is not uncommon for injuries to be sustained in the workplace, with many of them being very minor and not causing more than a little discomfort and inconvenience. However, serious workplace incidents, resulting in compensable injuries, are also a reasonably regular occurrence in Lancaster and elsewhere in California and are the main reason why the workers compensation scheme was created. If you are not sure what a compensable consequence injury is, it is one that leads to other injuries and, perhaps, leaves you unable to work for quite some time.

If you sustain a compensable consequence injury at work, you should be able to claim workers compensation benefits through your employer’s scheme. Unfortunately, all too often, employers and their insurance companies reject valid claims or agree to pay out an amount that is far less than you are entitled to.

Should you find yourself at the receiving end of such an unfair decision, you could benefit from the legal expertise of a Lancaster compensable injury attorney from Koszdin, Fields & Sherry.

How a Compensable Consequence Injury Can Go from Bad to Worse

As if being injured at work was not bad enough in itself, those who suffer from compensable consequence injuries find that their initial injury snowballs into further pain as time goes on. When you, or your family, are relying on your wages to survive, these ongoing injuries can soon result in severe financial hardship. Workers compensation benefits could help to ease this burden but, if your employer has refused to approve your claim, you may not know how to proceed.

When it comes to underpaid or denied workers compensation claims, being unfamiliar with what you can do in such a situation can work against you. Do not simply accept that your employer will not pay the benefits you deserve – hire a Lancaster compensable injury attorney to fight for your rights. By utilizing the legal knowledge and expertise we have garnered through years of handling cases like yours, our compensable injury attorneys can navigate the complexities of the legal system, with a view to resolving your workers compensation dispute as quickly as possible.

As soon as you attend your initial consultation, your Lancaster compensable injury attorney will be set to work addressing all your questions and concerns. Our priorities lie in obtaining a successful outcome on your behalf. We strongly believe that you should receive financial compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and loss of earnings.

Who Qualifies for Workers Comp After a Compensable Injury in Lancaster?

Many work injury victims are hesitant to file a workers’ compensation claim because they are unaware that they qualify. There are many misconceptions surrounding who is eligible for workers’ compensation for a compensable injury in Lancaster.

However, from the first day of your employment, you should be protected by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage, as the vast majority of employers in the state of California are required to provide their employees with workers’ compensation protection. It does not matter whether you are a full-time or part-time employee. However, if you are an independent contractor, you may not be protected by workers’ compensation coverage, as you may not be considered an official employee.

As long as your injuries occurred within the scope of your job responsibilities, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for a compensable injury. If you have questions or concerns surrounding your eligibility status, or if the insurance company has argued that you do not qualify for workers’ compensation, it may be in your best interests to discuss your case with a Lancaster compensable injury attorney.

What Do Lancaster Compensable Injury Benefits Include?

If you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in Lancaster, there are a variety of benefits you could be entitled to. To start, you will be able to recover disability benefits. Generally, you can expect to collect approximately 2/3 of your average weekly salary once your claim has been approved. However, the extent of your injuries and your prognosis can have an impact on the amount of compensation you are awarded.

The insurance company will also be required to cover all of your injury or illness-related medical expenses. This should include your hospital care, costs of diagnostic imaging, ongoing treatment, cost of prescription medication, medical equipment fees, and any other medical expenses that relate to your compensible injury.

Finally, if your injuries are so severe that you are unable to continue working in the same industry, you may be entitled to job displacement benefits. Here, the insurance company will be required to compensate you so you can obtain the education or job training you will need to find gainful employment in another industry.

If you are interested in learning more about what compensable injury benefits you could collect in Lancaster, do not hesitate to contact your attorney to discuss the details of your case further.

How a Compensable Injury Lawyer Could Help You

When your workers compensation claim has been denied or underpaid, you can feel helpless and powerless to dispute your employer’s decision. At Koszdin, Fields & Sherry, we understand that the combination of pain, financial worries, and lack of support can become overwhelming, and pledge to use our decades of legal experience to your advantage.

To discuss your workers compensation dispute with an expert Lancaster compensable injury attorney, schedule your free initial consultation today – all you need to do is call us on 818-812-5639.

Get Help From a Compensable Injury Lawyer in Lancaster

If you suffered an on-the-job compensable injury, and you are unsure where to turn for help, reach out to a dedicated Lancaster compensable injury lawyer at Koszdin, Fields & Sherry to find out what your next step is should be.

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